The Cognitive Learning and Dynamics Lab studies change in neural circuit structure and function associated with continuous learning process using a comprehensive range of cognitive neurophysiological methods and cognitive engineering. The approaches include but are not limited to transgenic mouse models, molecular biology, optogenetics, electrophysiology, neural engineering, and machine learning-based cognitive and behavioral analysis. Specifically, the lab investigates how different types of cognitive learning and memory processes result in long-term changes in neural circuit structure and function, as well as how such changes affect subsequent learning and memory, such as the dynamic process of cognitive function. Furthermore, the lab aims to study cognitive engineering methods that can induce functional changes in neural circuits that enable overall and sustained improvement of cognitive function. 

How do we learn to learn?

Cognitive Dynamics

How do synaptic circuit function changes support cognitive dynamics by learning and/or ageing?

Cognitive Enhancement

How can we improve our cognitive ability?